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Oct 16, 2016

CompassSport Trophy Final

Category: Results
Posted by: JaneC


"The best little orienteering club in Britain" - Graeme Ackland

There were some fantastic efforts in the Trophy Final at Tankersley, near Barnsley, on Sunday.  Course wins for Alex Carcas, Ann Haley, and Pippa Carcas, Brexit-bashing debuts from Klara, Lucile, and Aymeric, and a series of other great runs.  With Colin Inverarity having to pull out with a calf injury, we had no finishers in the over-60 classes.  It left little room for error, especially for the orange runners, and Fiona's top position among the W12s was especially crucial.

Few will remember the last time that INT won the Trophy, in 1996, when all of this year's counters were 21s or younger.  Googlecache records that INT beat Essex in the Finals.   Since then, we've racked up an insane number of second places over the years, with the bitter defeat on countback last year.  The 1996 Results may be found at this location.

Profuse thanks are due to Rob Lee, who spent many hours cajoling the membership to participate in the Final, and overseeing the team selection.

Full results may be found at this link.  For those who haven't seen it, the Trophy looks like this.  Here's a photo of some of the winning team (thanks to Rob Bloor).