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The training programme has been created to encourage people to get out and train. However, the routes are merely suggestions and everyone is free to choose to run the suggested routes or their own routes, but do either as individuals responsible for their own actions. The club can not warrant the suitability of the venues or suggested routes and take no responsibility for anyone that chooses to train from the suggested venues or along the suggested routes. Anyone that participates in any way does so at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety. No permissions have been arranged.

Feb 17, 2017

CLS Sprint

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CLS Sprint 17 February
(Interløpers winter warm weather training)

The Danes dominated in Scotland at WOC2015.  But Interløpers and friends made a foray into the sports training centre of the world champion's country - Club la Santa, Lanzarote - for some epic sprint racing.

The touch-free honesty punching system proved a big success.

  1. Paul Caban (INT) 19:44
  2. Colin Eades  (INT) 21:19
  3. Richard Lecky-Thompson (LOC) 21:30
  4. Max Carcas (INT) 21:55
  5. Jane Ackland (INT) 24:29
  6. Mairi Eades (INT)  26:13
  7. Jane Carcas (INT) 29:05
  8. Marsela McLeod (INVOC) 29:16
  9. Pippa Carcas (INT) 31:20
  10. Lorna Eades (INT) 34:39
  11. Fiona Eades (INT) 37:19
  12. James Ackland (INT) dnf

Map available on request or from intomaps.

Planned, organised and mapped by Graeme Ackland.