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The training programme has been created to encourage people to get out and train. However, the routes are merely suggestions and everyone is free to choose to run the suggested routes or their own routes, but do either as individuals responsible for their own actions. The club can not warrant the suitability of the venues or suggested routes and take no responsibility for anyone that chooses to train from the suggested venues or along the suggested routes. Anyone that participates in any way does so at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety. No permissions have been arranged.

Oct 28, 2017

Intrepid Weekend - SOUL 10 & SOL 7

Category: Results
Posted by: GrahamMc


Results for SOUL 10 at Livingston and SOL 7 at Drummond Hill can be found here

Late in the SOUL 10 event control number 210 was stolen by cutting the gripple wire.  Many thanks to Tim O'Donahue who recovered the kite, but the unit is lost. We looked at removing time for the two legs either side of 210.  On courses 1, 3, 4, 5  this would have had more significant effect result on unaffected runners than those actually affected, so the results stand.  Courses 6 & 7 were mainly juniors running after the relays, and the control was missing for most runners, so we removed the leg.  On course 2, the leading results were the same regardless, but many later starters were affected, so we removed the leg.

We think the only people who lost more than one position because of time lost at the missing control were Tim O'Donohue and  Hanne Robertson, to whom we apologise.