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The training programme has been created to encourage people to get out and train. However, the routes are merely suggestions and everyone is free to choose to run the suggested routes or their own routes, but do either as individuals responsible for their own actions. The club can not warrant the suitability of the venues or suggested routes and take no responsibility for anyone that chooses to train from the suggested venues or along the suggested routes. Anyone that participates in any way does so at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety. No permissions have been arranged.

Jul 1, 2015

South Morningside Sprint-elope

Hope everyone enjoyed the somewhat devious courses I planned today.  On the long course a little bit of local knowledge might have helped if you knew you could definitely get out the East side of Astlie Ainsley (there is a small pedestrian entrance).  If you didn't spot this you probably had quite a long run on the way back.

With a bit more time I would have tightened up on the map drawing/control descriptions, some of which was a little 'iffy' but I was out of action with the dreaded lurgy earlier this week.

My apologies for those of you that had hand drawn modified short maps for the long course (thanks Colin for drawing!).

Max - planner/controller/organiser!

Category: Results
Posted by: Anonymous
Long - straight line distance 4.4km; optimum 6.2km

1 Freddie Carcas 34:01
2 Jonathan Ellis 36:57
3 Terry Johnstone 37:47
4 Martin Caldwell 38:59
5 Ian Maxwell 40:03
6 Colin Eades 40:03
7 Crawford Lindsay 40:16
8 Walter Clark 43:01
9 Rachel Kirkland 43:42
10 Jane Ackland 43:56
11 Pat Squire 48:22
12 Colin Inverarity 48:23
13 Ewart Scott 48:45
14 Margaret Dalgleish 51:07
15 Les Dalgleish 55:33
16 Sheila Strain 59:41

Robin Strain DNF

Short - straight line distance 3km; optimum 4.4km

1 James Ackland 25:24
2 Kirstin Maxwell 26:33
3 Clare Stansfield 29:54
4 Tim Harding 30:21
5 Alistair Armitage 32:35
6 Mike Stewart 33:22
7 Ian Pyrah 35:57
8 Robert Findlay 40:14
9 Eileen Maxwell 41:11
10 Fran Humphrey 1:06:23
11 Jackie Caldwell 1:06:39