Aug 10, 2016

SprINTelope 7

SprINTelope 7, held on Buckstone Streets on Wednesday 10 August 2016


Who knew that Buckstone in the rain would prove so popular? - Certainly not your event organiser, when he based the map print run on the previous two events.  So apologies if your map was "confiscated" for re-use: a pdf copy is available for self-printing on application to

With the building of new houses on the old "Water Works" site, there are lots of new possibilities for route choices.  For example, I *think* the optimum route on the 'long' leg was to double-back through the playing-field and the start, although not many people went that way.  Hopefully the use of a few SI units will have added a few talking points.

With thanks, as always, to Robin Strain for technology help, and also providing a tent, although who knows what my neighbours made of the evening ....

Results are available from this link.