Feb 17, 2017

CLS Sprint Res

CLS Sprint 17 February
(Interløpers winter warm weather training)

The Danes dominated in Scotland at WOC2015.  But Interløpers and friends made a foray into the sports training centre of the world champion's country - Club la Santa, Lanzarote - for some epic sprint racing.

The touch-free honesty punching system proved a big success.

  1. Paul Caban (INT) 19:44
  2. Colin Eades  (INT) 21:19
  3. Richard Lecky-Thompson (LOC) 21:30
  4. Max Carcas (INT) 21:55
  5. Jane Ackland (INT) 24:29
  6. Mairi Eades (INT)  26:13
  7. Jane Carcas (INT) 29:05
  8. Marsela McLeod (INVOC) 29:16
  9. Pippa Carcas (INT) 31:20
  10. Lorna Eades (INT) 34:39
  11. Fiona Eades (INT) 37:19
  12. James Ackland (INT) dnf

Map available on request or from intomaps.

Planned, organised and mapped by Graeme Ackland.


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