Feb 3, 2019

Scottish Night Championships

Comments by the Organiser, Paul Caban:

"The first Interløpers event of the year happened last Saturday at John Muir Country Park, Dunbar:  the Scottish Night Championships.

The weather was absolutely perfect – cold, clear and windless – and we had the ideal base of the Farm Park café to run the event from (food and drink available in the warmth!).

Caspian had planned courses which involved running the length of Spike Island’s sand dunes.  These can be tricky enough in the day time,  and all the comments I heard afterwards were of the same view: “that was a lot of fun, but I was a bit rubbish”.

The EUOC weekly email summed it up perfectly: “While the map didn't appear to be anything special ,it produced some very tricky and challenging orienteering, especially on the little strip of sand dunes, which gave some of us a sharp reminder of the number 1 rule of night-O - nothing is ever as easy as it seems.”   And for anyone wanting to experience what they missed, ELO have one of their Saturday events there towards the end of the month. 

In time honoured fashion, Caspian and I would like to thank all the people who came along and made our event a success, particularly those who came to help with no intention of having a run, and most especially to Colin and Mairi Eades who helped on the start, ran their courses, and then went back out for another long loop of control collecting.  Sunday’s cross-country race in the Borders must have seemed easy by comparison."

Results for the Scottish Night Championships 2019 can be found here