Aug 31, 2019

Local Event Braidburn Valley Park

Our Braidburn Valley Park Come-and-try-it event at the Braidburn Gala on 31 August was a great success. Combining the event with the local gala is a great opportunity to introduce a wider audience to orienteering, as shown by the 80 or so participants, including many new faces.  The weather did its best to upstage everyone, with the high wind forcing many stalls inside the local church hall, but we rallied round until the wind abated and a perfect day prevailed for orienteering, the boot camp and BMX course.  Ken’s courses made the most of the park, keeping everyone running up and down the sides of the park in search of some well placed controls.  Thanks to Ken for planning and organising, and to all the volunteers without whom the event couldn’t have taken place.

Results are available here...