Oct 3, 2020

Local Event Mortonhall 3 October 2020


Thank you to everyone who took part in our first event since lock-down, braving the weather and mud for some orienteering again!  We also really appreciated the effort made by you all to adhere to Covid social distancing and hand-sanitising requirements.

Results are available here.  There's also a write-up on the BOF website.

We hope everyone enjoyed the courses – quite a constrained area to plan for, with the restrictions posed by the horse fields and not being able to use the campsite as previously.  Hence the tours around the pockets of terrain provided by the Arboretum, Galachlaw woodland, and the woods bordering the golf course.  At least the rain meant the paths were quieter than on a typical Saturday these days.  Thanks to Graeme Ackland for some mapping updates, and a large number of Interloper volunteers for all sorts of assistance to make the event happen and run smoothly on the day.

For anyone who wasn’t able to take part but would like to go round a course, these are being made available in MaprunF – download maps (Mortonhall Light Green, Orange or Yellow) in via app, or via the list or searchable map available at

Katherine Ivory

Event planner / organiser