Nov 6, 2011

Deans and Interlopers Christmas Recanter

Deans and Interlopers Christmas Recanter,
Including the ESOA Championships

Deans and Dechmont Results including ESOA Champions

Dear Clubmates.

A big thank you to all of you who were at Deans today.  We had over  200 people at the event enjoying great courses from Oleg and Paul.

Especial thanks to Rachel on download who battled not only with a cold  but had to change each persons start time individually,  after the  start kites were still on BST.  Terrific effort!

We nearly managed a clean sweep on the courses, with Jegor, Chris,  Pat, Matthew, James and Pippa all winning, only the blue course eluded  us.

28 individuals did the string course with 7 of these doing it twice! A number of adults were successful in getting the correct answers to the  "match the fireworks to the country" challenge and won the bonus sweetie prize!


Message from the planner:

First of all apologies to all affected by the slight delay in the early starts, I put my hands up in blame. Thank you all too for waiting patiently and the organisation team who kept their cool and hung the last few kites.

When planning the courses I made sure to include long legs that are often lost when planning in urban areas but still keep the technical, acute angle, short legs that are often found in sprint races. I also like variety in a race and dislike dead running (unless it is a good route choice leg), which made this area a lot of fun to plan around and I very much look forward to viewing peoples route choices on routegadget.

When cycling round the area, control watching, I was a little disappointed with the number of runners who crossed uncrossable walls and the main road, which had been clearly marked with OOB hashing. I decided to avoid having control sites at crossing points in order to allow for a route choice, in order to keep the legs more exciting and trusted that runners would play by the rules. I  understand that some may not have noticed the hashing or the "use crossing point" symbol on the control description and maybe more should have been done at the start line to point out the OOB areas and remind competitors of the uncrossable ISSOM symbols.

Overall the championship event ran very smoothly and from my perspective everyone seemed satisfied with the course distances and technicality. All kites were collected in unscathed and none had been stolen - great news for those involved with next years JK sprint event, taking place adjacent to Deans. Hopefully see you all there!