Mar 3, 2013

SOL1 Results

Results are now available for Interlopers CompassPoint Scottish O League 1.

We hope everyone enjoyed their day.

Results, including links to other display formats.

String Course Results


Note: Black, Brown and Short Brown were affected for a time by two misplaced controls.

On Black, no correction was required apart from reinstating one runner.

On the other courses, the Controllers removed the legs to the controls from the total time.

Apologies to all competitors affected by the erroneously placed controls 230 and 228, which were placed swapped over. The error appeared due to poor placement of the numbers on a busy area of the all controls map used to set out the controls and this error then slipped through the checking process also. I am disappointed to have this happen to some competitors and hope they will forgive this mistake. As with many things in orienteering I will now reflect on and learn from the mistake to establish a better system to identify the controls clearer on the all controls map.

Apologies again

Colin Eades