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Mar 8, 2015

SOL1 Gullane 2015 results

Results from SOL1, Gullane Bents 2015
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Results can be found here

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Controller’s Comments Updated: Results Change

Following a further review of the times from control 107 to 144, I have decided to remove the times for this leg on the relevant courses, Short Brown and Blue.  I think despite changing the results, it is a fairer course of action given comments made about the misplaced control and time lost as a result.

Robin Strain has at my request changed these results.


Ewart Scott    11/3/15

As pointed out at Gullane today, control 144 was in the wrong re-entrant and, as controller, I apologise for this mistake.  For the position on the map the control should have been 15m. south west of where it actually was placed on the ground.
Short Brown and Blue used this control approaching from the east, Green Light Green and Short Green approaching from the south west.
There would be no time lost leaving this control, but in cases some time lost in approaching the control.

Max overcame the planning challenges very well. Realising the areas with more difficult planning and mixing them with more runnable open areas provided a significant challenge overall.  Graeme Ackland’s extension to the map on the west side was well appreciated, and Max made very good use of this.

Interløpers did well with 370 plus competitors, and a computer glitch delaying download for a while.  My thanks to Interløpers and special thanks to Paul Caban for placing and checking controls.

Ewart Scott

Planner’s Comments

Thankyou to everyone for their kind feedback today - anyone who has been a planner knows it it much appreciated.  Graeme Ackland and I had discussed the possibility of using the area to the west previously, and Graeme kindly agreed to map the north part of this.  The challenge then was to try and use this area as well as the ‘good’ area to the east, and to minimise the helper load to have one start… The result was in most cases a relatively long beach leg (if you chose to go that way), but at least I had intentionally planned it so that you would have the wind behind you!

Those on the longer courses experienced the infamous ‘tidal control’, no.110, which required Paul Caban to wade through seawater to collect it after courses closed.

My apologies also for the mistake on control 144 that Ewart mentions above.  Close up near to it the correct re-entrant is perhaps less obvious than if approaching from a distance down the hill from the east. 

Many thanks to Ewart for his experience and advice and in controlling - and in particular for having maximum flexibility to visit as required!

Max Carcas