Jan 9, 2022

Craigmillar Park Winterlope Jan 10th - 16th 2022

First Winterlope of 2022 at Craigmillar Park Golf Club

The Winterlope season kicks off on Craigmillar Golf Course, which occupies the Eastern slope of Blackford Hill with the twinkling lights of the Royal Observatory and King's Buildings (Edinburgh Uni science campus) for company. Terrain is fast and runnable with subtle switches of open, rough open, and scattered trees to enjoy - with bunker features being the star of the show. The Short course is 2.8km and the Long course is 4.8km, and the map is 1:5000. As ever, the challenge is to visit all of the controls in the right order - keep an eye on your map as there are plenty of twists! "



To enter a course, you either need to record your track and upload to the MapRun site manually, or you can use the MapRun6 application (replaces older MapRunF) on your phone. There is also the option to use MapRunG on a smart watch (certainly on Garmin devices) in conjunction with your phone. Full instructions can be found on the SOA website, but in summary:

  • For a paper copy of the map (highly recommended) rather than relying on a phone display, locate the course on the SOA course list (ensuring it is for the correct year), and download and print the PDF.
  • If recording your track on a GPS watch:
    • Run the course, ensuring you start your watch a little before the start location (to ensure your track includes the start).
    • After your run, upload your track on the Maprun website (just start typing the name of the event and it should appear)
  • If using MapRun6:
    • Download MapRun6 app to your phone; optionally also install MapRun6 app on smart watch
    • In app on phone, hit 'Select Event'. Navigate to UK -> Scotland -> Edinburgh -> FWTN and Winterlopes.
    • Select relevant course (correct location, year (2022) and length). Depending on mobile coverage / data allowance you may want to do this on wifi at home!
    • Select 'Go to start' (if using phone) or 'Send Event to my Garmin Watch' if you have linked your watch and then select event on your watch.
    • Run course.
    • The app should upload your results. If you are sure you found a control but MapRun failed to count it, please let us know. You can also upload your GPS track using the link above.
  • League results will be posted at Munro Leagues in due course.

 Other events in series

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