Jan 15, 2021

Christmas Day run in memory of Robin Morris

On Christmas Day, nearly a dozen club members ran from Holy Corner to the top of Braid Hill in memory of Robin Morris ...

Many club members will have known Robin Morris, a keen runner and supporter of running whose hero was Eric Liddell.  Every year, Robin would run from outside his house near Holy Corner with a group of friends up to the top of Braid Hill. Anyone was welcome to join him, and the Carcases did on several occasions. Robin was a great supporter of their running, often updating Jane's mother at church on Sunday about the family's running exploits from the day before.  Robin died in 2018, but this year the Carcases decided to arrange a club run (suitably socially distanced!) on Christmas Day in his memory.  Nearly a dozen members of the club joined in as the group ran through Morningside and up onto Braid Hill, looping back round to Morningside.

The route can be seen on Strava here. There are some photos up on the club's Facebook page.

The Scotsman's obituary for Robin can be found here.