Individual Orienteering available during Lockdown

While all group orienteering activities are on hold due to Covid-19, individual exercise is still permitted.  If you are missing your regular orienteering fix, why not try out one of our training courses?  You can also use these as an opportunity to try out the MapRun app on your phone.  Please remember to observe current restrictions on travel and social distancing.


In a message to all members on Tuesday 17 March, Peter Hart, the Chief Executive of British Orienteering, announced that all orienteering activities in the UK must be suspended with immediate effect, as a precaution against the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Unfortunately, we have had to cancel a further event.  The Local Event originally planned for Saturday 6 June at Dechmont Law will not take place.  Any developments in a potential easing of the lockdown may enable SprINTelopes towards the end of June and into July to be held in some form.  Further announcements will be made in due course.

If there are any changes to this policy, an announcement will be made on this website at the time.


INTeresting - 18 May 2020

William's latest e-mail, with lots of useful information including MapRun courses, is available at this link.


Event Programme for 2020

In the light of the moratorium on events, this information is purely theoretical.  Details of the original programme are on the Events page.  Plans are afoot for a modified programme to take place later in the year, and into 2021, subject to the eventual lifting of restrictions.

Here are links to two spreadsheets, giving Fixture Lists of (a) INT events for 2020, and (b) major events for the same period, with INT events highlighted in yellow.  (Thanks to Ken Daly for preparing these spreadsheets.)  (Updated 03 May 2020)


BOF Incentive Scheme

Given the current situation regarding the lockdown, no Incentive Awards have been announced since February.  Once outdoor activities re-commence, any new Awards will be announced here.


European Competitions 2020

The following notifications of major European competitions this coming summer have been received.

The 53rd Kainuu Orienteering Week was to have taken place from 28 June until 3 July 2020.  However, it has recently been announced that the entire competition has been moved to next year, and will now be held on 4-9 July 2021.  The event website is at rastiviikko.com/en/; this has a link to their latest newsletter.

The Swedish 5-Day O-Ringen was to be held near Uppsala on 19-25 July.  The website is at http://oringen.se/213/english.html However, it has just been announced (on 16 April) that the entire competition will be moved to 2021, and will now take place on 25-31 July next year. Any existing entries will be honoured, and moved to 2021.