Local Event Colinton 06 April 2019

Thanks to everyone for coming to Colinton Dell - hope you enjoyed the courses despite the weather.  And special thanks to all the Interløpers helpers!

Results of the event are here.

Orienteering on the Adventure Show (by Graeme Ackland)

The BBC Scotland "Adventure Show" will be covering the JOK Chasing Sprint on FRIDAY 28 June at Callendar Park, Falkirk.  The chasing sprint has a two race format, with the prologue time determining the start list for the final.  Timings are likely to be prologue from 3-6, finals from 7-9.     

Local Events 2019

The Local Event programme for 2019 is gradually taking shape.  All events will be held on Saturday afternoons, either around Edinburgh or in the Livingston area.  At present, the programme looks like this:

6 April:             Colinton Dell          Results 
1 June:             Almondell
6 July:              Dechmont Law
31 August:        Braidburn Valley Park (note the change of date to fit in with the Braidburn Gala Day)
5 October:        Mortonhall

Sprintelope Events 2019

Sprintelope is a series of events from INT, ELO and ESOC.  All events will be held on Wednesday evenings, in the Lothians.  The full schedule can be found at this link.  INTerløpers are the lead club for:

1 May:         Dalkeith
22 May:       Astley Ainslie
26 June:      Ellen's Glen
10 July:       Buckstone
24 July:       Liberton 
14 August:   Kirkliston

Other Events

The Club will also host several other events during 2019.  Notes of these are on the Events page.

There are also links to two spreadsheets, giving Fixture Lists of (a) INT events for 2019 and 2020, and (b) major events for the same period, with INT events highlighted in yellow.  (Thanks to Ken Daly for preparing these spreadsheets.)

BOF Incentive Scheme

The latest awards, announced on 14 April, are as follows:

  • Laurence Ward:     Racing Challenge Bronze Award 3*
  • Callum McIntyre:   Racing Challenge Bronze Award 3*

and on 1 April:

  • Chris Godfree:   Racing Challenge Gold Award 5*, Navigation Challenge 5*
  • Jane Emslie:      Racing Challenge Silver Award 5*
  • Fiona Eades:      Racing Challenge Bronze Award 5*
  • Laurence Ward:  Navigation Challenge 3*

European Competitions 2019

The Calabria Orienteering week takes place on 20-27 June.  The website is at this link.

The 52nd Kainuu Orienteering Week is being held from 30 June until 5 July in Sotkamo, FinlandHere is their website.

There is also a 5-Stage event in the Tatras National Park, Slovakia on 4-7 July.  Details are at this link.

The Swedish O-Ringen takes place on 21-27 July in KolmårdenHere is the link to their website.

The Swiss International Mountain Marathon is being held on 17/18 August at Schwarzsee, Friborg Canton. Here is the flyer (in English).