Event Programme for 2020

The Event Programme for this year is beginning to take shape.  Details are on the Events page.

Here are links to two spreadsheets, giving Fixture Lists of (a) INT events for 2020, and (b) major events for the same period, with INT events highlighted in yellow.  (Thanks to Ken Daly for preparing these spreadsheets.)  (Updated 07 Jan 2020)


INTeresting - 08 Feb 2020

William's latest INTeresting e-mail for 2020 can be found at this link.


BOF Incentive Scheme

The first Award for 2020 has just been announced by BOF:

Callum McIntyre:      Racing Challenge Bronze Award 5*


European Competitions 2020

The following notifications of major European competitions this coming summer have been received.

The 53rd Kainuu Orienteering Week takes place from 28 June until 3 July 2020.  The event website is at rastiviikko.com/en/; this has a link to their latest newsletter.

The Swedish 5-Day O-Ringen is being held near Uppsala on 19-25 July.  The website is at http://oringen.se/213/english.html