Jan 16, 2021

Club Strengthening and Conditioning Sessions

Interlopers now has its own Strength and Conditioning sessions from Laura and Zoe. More details ...

Interlopers' Stretching and Conditioning Zoom sessions will start on Monday 18th, thrice weekly:

  • Monday at 9pm led by Lorna
    Wednesday at 6:30pm led by Zoe
    Friday at 9pm led by Lorna

Lorna’s sessions will be sedate with a focus on balance/ stretching and winding down at the end of the day, and you’ll need not much more space than an exercise mat. 30-40 mins with time for a chat at the end.

Zoe’s session will be a little bit more energetic, it will consist of a warm up, some mobility and strength exercises, lasting around 45-60 mins. Just a mat, towel or comfy bit of floor needed, no other equipment required.

 Zoom meeting details will be sent out to club members via email.