Apr 27, 2021

Fairmilehead Sprintelope #3 - Wednesday 12th May

3rd Sprintelope of the year, in Fairmilehead ...

The third Sprintelope of the 2021 season takes place on Wednesday 12th May. Unlike last year, we can now all race on the same evening, though we need to allocate start blocks and you must pre-register using this form.

Courses, Start and Finish

There will be a short and a long course. Starts are at 34 Queen Margaret Close, EH10 7EE - please park on Frogston Road West. Event is organised by Ann Haley. Start times are in 15-minute blocks - please turn up at / near the start of your block and be prepared to wait in a socially distanced queue. Please start as soon as you are able if there is no queue so we don't end up with a larger queue later in the evening.

  • Short 3.2km (est running distance 4.8km)
  • Long 5.2km (est running distance 7.5km)

When you have finished, please download (splits printout will be kept by organiser) and then leave the area as soon as possible. Results will be posted to the website when ready - this may not be on Wednesday evening though! You can view the Munro League for Sprintelopes here.


Please use our Entry Form

Start times are below:



  • Senior (member of SOA-affiliated club) - £3
  • Senior (non-member) - £5
  • Student (member) - £2
  • Student (non-member) - £4
  • Junior (member) - £1
  • Junior (non-member) - £3



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