Oct 5, 2023

AGM 2023 and Gullane Rock winner announced

The club's AGM was held last week - read on for details and to discover the winner of the club's unique Gullane Rock trophy ...

The club's AGM was held last Thursday at the Charwood Grill. Read on to find out who's in and who's out on the committee, and to discover the winner of the club's coveted Gullane Rock award ...

Interlopers' AGM was held on Thursday 28th September at the Charwood Grill in Edinburgh. Chairman Colin presented his thoughts on the previous year, with a focus on the need to ensure we are encouraging all club members to volunteer and providing support to help them do that. We should not be relying on the same few stalwarts every year. Treasurer Robin then presented the accounts, with the club continuing to have a healthy surplus. Funds from Ciena (who match employees' volunteer time with funding) have allowed us to purchase a new club laptop which has been in action at our events.

The current committee will continue in its entirety, but chairman Colin noted that this will be his last year in post.

Club Secretary John also announced his nomination for the Gullane Rock for this year with the following citation:

'My nominee for this year’s award of the Gullane Rock first joined the Club in late 2015.  His elder son had joined us somewhat earlier, having been attracted to the sport while at Heriot’s.  Soon the whole family were to be seen at events.

Within three years, he had been elected on to the Committee as an Ordinary Member.  Not long after that, he assumed the role of Events Coordinator, after Pat Squire had stood down and had eventually left Edinburgh for Derbyshire.  You will all be aware of my nominee’s frequent pleadings for people to volunteer to organise or plan the myriad events of all standards which the Club puts on.  A thankless task, I’m sure you’ll agree, but one which he undertakes with seemingly boundless energy.

More recently, he and I have managed to arrange for his significant volunteer effort to be rewarded by an arrangement whereby his employer works with an organisation called Benevity Causes, which donates significant sums of money for such effort by members of amateur organisations.  In the last Financial Year, this amounted to several hundred pounds for the Club.

I’m sure by now that his identity can hardly be a secret.  My nominee for the award of the Gullane Rock for 2023 is William Ivory.'





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