Mar 10, 2024

SoSOLs are Go!

Today saw the first race in the 2024 SoSOL (South of Scotland Orienteering League) ...

The 2024 SoSOL (South of Scotland Orienteering League) got off to a great start today in Dalkeith Country Park, with Interlopers winning 5 out of 8 courses, and taking the top 2 positions in the 3 longest courses. ESOC were hosting the first round, and while it may have been overcast, the rain mostly held off. Courses were fast and furious as the park offers very fast running with very little ascent, and the winner on the brown course must have gone round at a pace of 4 minutes / km or thereabouts! Meanwhile Inis Chepelin seems to have been busy having come first on both orange and light green ...

Well done to the following Interlopers who were in the top half of their course:

  • Brown: Eddie Narbett (1st), Scott Fraser (2nd), Ben Stevens (4th), Matthew Leitch (9th)
  • Blue: Ali Masson (1st), Aidan Smith (2nd), Will Rigg (3rd), Anna Murgatroyd (10th), Roanne Lilley (13th), Max Carcas (19th)
  • Green: Ben Ross (1st), Thomas Ross (2nd), Mary Ross (5th), Ann Haley (8th), Rob Bloor (10th)
  • Light Green: Inis Chepelin (1st)
  • Orange: Inis Chepelin (1st)
  • Yellow: Ember Chepelin (2nd), 6th Toni and Jim Fraser

There are 10 events in this year's series, with the following to look forward to between now and the WOC Tour in July:

  • Sunday 24th March: ELO Balgone Estate
  • Saturday 6th April: INT Calderwood
  • Sunday 19th May: TAY Balkello Hill
  • Thursday 11th July: WOC Holyrood Park

The aim of the South of Scotland Orienteering League (SoSOL) is to promote participation in orienteering beyond the local level by providing larger, but still welcoming, events; high-quality courses; good areas; and up-to-date maps.  Competitors are invited to run any of the coloured courses and, new for this year, we will be recognising adult pairs who run on the Green courses; adult novices who run on the Orange courses; and improving adults who run on the Light Green courses.

For the league, your best 6 results will count.




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