Braidburn Valley Park


Area:  Braidburn Valley Park, South Edinburgh

Access Point: several entrances, but start / finish are close to the entrance at the corner of Greenbank Crescent and Comiston Road

Park Information: More information available at

Terrain: Urban greenspace with extensive grassy areas and woodland pockets along a burn.  Good path network; steep in places..


Courses using this set of permanent orienteering course markers are available with different lengths and navigational challenge. 

For all, start near the north entrance to the park (the triangle on the map) and finish back at the same point (marked with a double circle). Find the posts with the letter codes in the order below. Walk, jog or run!  

Wear appropriate clothing and footwear for the conditions, and take particular care on slopes if wet.

Course Length Map PDF

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Short 1 1.1 km  Braidburn Valley POC Short 1  Open in Maprun


MapRunLink QR Code - BBV POC Short 1 PXAC


Short 2 0.9 km  Braidburn Valley POC Short 2  Open in Maprun

 MapRunLink QR Code - BBV POC Short 2 PXAC


Short 3 1.1 km  Braidburn Valley POC Short 3  Open in Maprun


MapRunLink QR Code - BBV POC Short 3 PXAC


Long 1 1.8 km  Braidburn Valley POC Long 1  Open in Maprun  MapRunLink QR Code - BBV POC Long 1 PXAC


Long 2 1.6 km  Braidburn Valley POC Long 2  Open in Maprun


MapRunLink QR Code - BBV POC Long 2 PXAC


Long 3 1.7 km  Braidburn Valley POC Long 3  Open in Maprun  MapRunLink QR Code - BBV POC Long 3 PXAC


Using Maprun:

These courses are available in the smartphone (GPS) orienteering app, Maprun app. To find out more visit 

To use, open the relevant course in the app.  Links and QR codes are in the table above.  Once you are near the start point, activate the course in the app by tapping ‘Go to Start’. Once you pass this point, the app will beep, and should beep as you pass all subsequent controls (nb within a radius of around 10m potentially; it’s not 100% precise).  Make sure you pass the Finish to complete the course. 

Contact phone no.:  Interløpers Orienteering Club Secretary  (0131-440-2136)






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