Area:  Eliburn, Livingston (view Eliburn Park in a larger map)

Grid ref.:  NT 032681

Terrain:  The main part of the map is a mix of open and wooded parkland, with a good path network.  The map also extends into neighbouring residential estates, wooded cycle path corridors, and Peel Park which has an area of complex navigational detail.

Map cost:  Free

Where to get maps:

1. Deans Community High School, Eastwood Park, Livingston, EH54 8PS (01506-282155)
2. Inveralmond Community High School, Willowbank, Ladywell,  EH54 6HW (01506-438093)
3. Almondell Ranger Centre, near Broxburn, EH52 9PE (NT090692) & c/o West Lothian Council Civic Centre (01506-882254)
4. Polkemmet Ranger Centre, Whitburn, EH47 0AD (NS923648) & c/o West Lothian Council Civic Centre (01501-743905)
5. Beecraigs Ranger Centre, near Linlithgow, EH49 6PL (NT006746) & c/o West Lothian Council Civic Centre (01506-844516)

When open:  All year, but check with Ranger Centres.

Check Codes:  Available from this link.

Contact phone no.:  Interløpers Orienteering Club Secretary  info@interlopers.org.uk  (0131-440-2136)


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