Jun 23, 2021

Moredun Sprintelope Results

Results now available ...

The IT gremlins were well and truly active tonight (along with some friendly young locals!), but we now have the full results available (thanks to Robin Strain for help!)


One or two pieces of tape disappeared over the evening, but hopefully that didn't detract from Angus's courses. We realised too late that the long leg on the short course required reading both sides of the map to see all the route choices, so apologies for anyone whose brain was fried after that.  We did our best to make sure all passable gaps were clear on the map, but understand there were a few places it might not have been as clear as we'd have liked, particularly at 18 on the long course. Some also managed to find a way through the uncrossable fence next to 9 on the long - thank you to those who owned up afterwards and have been marked as DQ.



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