Oct 19, 2015

CompassSport Cup 2015

Curse of INT strikes again at the CompassSport Cup final.
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Posted by: Anonymous

While our elite athletes have swept all before them in the last few years, some older members of a more bitter persuasion recall the years of hurt through the 90s when the clatter of the silver medal betrayed INT's status as the nation's leading losers.

Our forays into the CompassSport Cup have produced similar success, with the FVO machine standing between us and victory in 2010, 2011 and 2012.   With FVO up for the Cup, after three years of hurting, and two years of sulking, 2015 was our chance.  Off for a weekend in Helsington Barrows we went.  There were some great efforts:  wins for Murray Strain and James Ackland, seconds for Oleg Chepelin and Pippa Carcas, thirds for Sam Galloway and Cap'n Rob Lee.  And with a supporting cast of handsful, it all looked promising as we led by one point from SROC, with all of our and their runners in.  Alas, it was not to be; a late starting Clydesider overhauled lumbering Graeme Ackland over the last two controls to set up a tie.  The tiebreak goes on the 14th person, and here our pensioner-deficit caught up with us, with SROC grabbing the win on home terrain.

Next year, the final is in Sheffield.  Let's see if we can find another amusing way to lose.