Mar 16, 2016

INTs go marching on!

CompassSport Cup Qualifier.  Dumyat.

Our mission: finish in the top three.

Everyone else's mission: finish in the top four.

How hard could it be?  Well, for most of the day we made hard work of it, but eventually we scrambled passed ECKO to bag a place in the final in Sheffield on 16 October.

INT course winners were Scott Fraser, Freddie Carcas and Sam Bartlett

CLYDE, RR and ECKO will be at the final, and some English and Welsh clubs too, so we'll have to work a bit harder to support our superstars Scott, Freddie and Sam, and bury the misery of last year's tie-break defeat.

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CSC qualifier preliminary scores

1st CLYDE 1280
2nd RR 1255
3rd INT 1238
4th ECKO 1186
5th TAY 1179
6th SOLWAY 1163
7th BL 1138
8th BASOC 848
9th ELO 776
10th KFO 532
11th AYROC 421

Ali Campbell got so badly lost that she ended up in the Cup results.  We'll do a bit better once they find her.