Sep 5, 2019

JHI and JIRC selections

It’s the time of year when our Juniors get to test themselves against their English, Welsh and Irish contemporaries.  The JIRCs (Junior Inter-Regional Championships) will be held in South Yorkshire on the 28th – 29th September, and the JHIs (Junior Home Internationals) will be held in the Mourne Mountains in Northern Ireland on 12th-13th October.  Congratulations to the following Interloper Club Juniors on their selections:

  • JIRCs: Pippa Carcas (W16), Mairi Eades (W18), Thomas Ross (M14), Sam Bartlett (M14 reserve) More details...
  • JHIs:  David Ivory (M14), Sam Bartlettt (M14 reserve), Pippa Carcas (W16), Angus Ivory (M16) More details... 



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