Mar 9, 2020

Craigmillar Castle Woods - a review


A volunteer’s view of our Craigmillar Come-And-Try-It – thanks to Colin Inverarity for this report (and for his and other volunteers’ help on the day):

img001    img002

The increasingly less reliable BBC Weather app was not looking too optimistic for this, our first event of the year, as we rolled up to Peffermill Road at the time suggested by Organiser Daly.  Assorted Interløpers then lugged the necessary impedimenta in the general direction of where we thought the start might be in the absence of Planner (Graham) McIntyre to provide the definitive answer.  Graham soon appeared and steered us in the right direction, after which what might have been a record number of club helpers began the process of erecting the club tent.  Once up, the tent looked as if it was going to have a bit of a buffetting but Max expertly adjusted the guy-ropes so that it more or less looked the correct shape.

With all the equipment set up, everyone fell into their allotted tasks ready for the orienteers to arrive.  Graham had thoughtfully located the start at a path junction with a very convenient bench for the start officials to park themselves on which was much appreciated. 

Twenty past one and no one had arrived, which seemed unusual given the general enthusiasm for these local events, but then began a steady flow of families, beginners and seasoned orienteers keen to enjoy the delights of Craigmillar at this time of year before the nettles and brambles detract from the enjoyment of running here.  Safety warnings were given, children told to wait for the beep at the clear station, beginners reassured they were at the start triangle, extremely keen youngsters reined back to allow a minute interval between them and their siblings,  and the queue for the green course built up.

Approaching 2.30pm and the pile of green maps was diminishing quickly … in the end I had one map left as the final competitors set off.  Finished with my start duties I headed off to the Finish to take some photos of people returning, including eventual Green course winner, Max Carcas (club president), storming in to complete his run, as well as a number of members of other clubs.  Those finishing all seemed to have enjoyed Graham’s courses, and a general air of satisfaction seemed to prevail among those gathered around the tent on my return there. 

A willing band of helpers have again ensured a successful event despite the usual last minute panic behind the scenes about map updates, controls inserted in the wrong places on the map, and printers breaking down the night before the event.  Well done, all!