Feb 5, 2012

Compass Sport Cup

Interlopers Compass Sport Cup Entries
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Posted by: JaneA

This year the Compass Sport Cup and Trophy Final is being
held on Sunday, 30 September, at Teviothead in the Scottish Borders. Being so
close to Edinburgh it should be possible to get a very large and strong team
out that can challenge for the Trophy. However we do need to qualify for the
Final first!

The Scottish Qualifying Round for the CompassSport Cup
and Trophy is being held on Sunday, 19 February, at Faskally just to the north
of Pitlochry. Parking  will be at
Faskally Caravan Park. New map by Stirling Surveys.

The CompassSport Cup and Trophy courses and category
names/classes are as follows:

Course  Course
Name            Category Name/Classes

1     Brown                  Men Open

2     Blue Women             Women Open

3     Blue Men               M45+ M20-

4     Green Women            W45+ W20-

5     Green Men              M60+

6     Short Green Veterans   M75+ W60+

7A    Light Green Men        Men 18-

7B    Light Green Women      Women 18-

8A    Orange Men             Men 14-

8B    Orange Women           Women 14-

There are two other courses which are not part of the Cup
and Trophy competitions:


Course  Course Name            Category Name

9     Yellow                 NoviceTD2

10     White                  NoviceTD1

Entries for Qualifying Round at Faskally are online via

Entry fees are Seniors £10, Juniors/Students £5

The Yellow and White courses, which anyone can enter, are being provided FREE.

I have found three different closing dates mentioned for
this event:

STAG website has closing date of 31 January BOF website
has closing date of 1 February oentries has closing date of 7 February

So please would anyone thinking of competing for
Interlopers in the CompassSport Trophy competition at Faskally try and enter the
event as soon as possible in case it is the first of these closing dates that

I would like to suggest that in the first instance all
those willing to compete for the club in the CompassSport Trophy competition
enter on the appropriate course for their age class. We can then check shortly
before the closing date(s) whether there are gaps on any courses which we
perhaps can fill by moving one or two runners to a different course or by
encouraging additional people to run.

Note that when entering this event in oentries it is the
different category names which are provided for people to select from.

Although the team score in the Trophy competition comes
from only 13 competitors these do have to be appropriately distributed across
the CompassSport categories/classes. However there is no limit to the number of
runners we may field and even if someone is not in the thirteen that contribute
to our team score they can still potentially reduce the points scored by
competitors from other teams. So do come and represent the club.

Rob Lee

Club Captain