Sep 23, 2012

Post-CompassSportCup Social

Category: General
Posted by: JaneA

The Eades have kindly invited everyone back to their place after the Compasssport Cup match at Teviothead this coming Sunday, 30th September......for soup and bread and cake.

This last bit depends on there being some soup-chefs, breadmakers, cake artistes or Tesco-frequenters out there who are willing to contribute. If you are happy to bring food, then it would be worth contacting an Eades so that they can co-ordinate it all.

Start time possibly depends on whether we win.

If you haven't been to the Eades before, then ask for directions at the event. Nettlingflat is up a steep road on the right just after Heriot on the A7 as you head back towards Edinburgh.

See you there!