Jul 11, 2019

Sprintelope Buckstone

I hope everyone enjoyed last night’s sprINTelope in Buckstone, and that neither the two tape markers going missing – although one was subsequently replaced – nor the slightly unusual map scale of 1:5200 (aka 1:A4 …..) caused too much angst.  I was pleased to see 30+ competitors, despite many regulars being away.  Perhaps the chance to gain serious points was too good to miss, says the man who recently went to a midweek evening event in Lancaster.

Ann&Graham offering their garage to host the event from, meant that I could plan radically different courses from previous occasions, particularly for the short course.  Particularly appealing was the chance to have a long leg across Galachlaw Woods, with left or right route choices to avoid the uncrossable fences.  Some people did try and go ‘straight’ to their subsequent disappointment …..   Thanks also to Laura for running entries/IT, under the ever watchful eye of RobinS.

Results can be found here...

and Routegadget here...

Paul Caban – Planner/Organiser