Jul 14, 2021

Blackford Sprintelope Results

A great evening out on Blackford Hill in the sun! Read on for results and planner's comments ...


Thanks to Scott for planning and organising, and to Graham for running download on the night (and for organising live results on the website too!). Great to be out on a lovely summer evening.

Comments from the planner, Scott Fraser:

'Firstly I'd like to say thanks to ESOC for letting us use their map of Blackford Hill and The Hermitage and to the Interlopers members who help run the event.  I have been enjoying the Sprintelopes over the last few weeks but I wanted to mix things up a bit and come away from the urban areas and into the terrain/forest.  

I spent the last few weeks toing and froing with various courses; the vegetation was growing like mad over the last 2 weeks so I had to make some last minute changes as well as hack some overhanging gorse away on the indistinct paths.  Some were vital for the route choice legs, especially in the long.  I had a good view from the start area and noticed not many orienteers chose the best route on leg 1 (long course).  I tested the 3 routes and the route going directly North from the start (and downhill) to the wall, up through the white then contouring around the path was the fastest but relied on efficient execution right from the start.  Bearing left using the paths was about 20s faster than going the most direct route on the 2nd long leg (long course).  The steep slopes going direct took time, energy and included a lot more detailed map reading. 

I was happy to find out that the large group of youths gathered in the old golf course bunker(!) on both courses left the control as it was and was still there at the end.  

I hope everyone enjoyed the courses on this nice summer evening in Midmar Paddock and I look forward to toeing the line at the next Sprintelope in Viewforth organised by ESOC.'



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