May 7, 2023

Grange Sprintelope #19, Wednesday 16th August 2023

Penultimate Sprintelope of 2023, in the Grange, South Edinburgh, on Wednesday 16th August ...

The 19th (or thereabouts!) Sprintelope of the 2023 season takes place in the Grange area of Edinburgh on Wednesday 16th August. Starts are between 6:30 - 7:30pm. Please sign up in advance on Race-Signup (entries now open, closing the Monday night before the event). There will be limited EOD (entry on the day) subject to map availability.

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See the Sprintelope Facebook page for any last minute updates.


The area is urban, with running mostly on pavements / connecting footpaths, potential to cross some grassy open areas

Location and Directions

The event is in the Grange area of Edinburgh. Registration / Start / Finish / Download at the west end of South Oswald Road:

Please consider cycling, walking, running or taking the bus to get to the event.

Car parking is on local streets. Please be considerate to residents.

Courses, Start and Finish

Event Officials:

  • Planner: Graeme Ackland
  • Organiser: Graeme Ackland

There will be a long course which will cross main roads and will require any under-16s to be shadowed. There will also be a short course that doesn't cross main roads and is suitable for unaccompanied juniors.

Starts are betwen 6:30 - 7:30pm. Courses close at 8:30pm, so if you think you will be out a while, please consider starting early! Timing will be using SI Timing. Dibbers can be hired for free - please request when signing up - but there is a £30 charge if lost.

There will be SI controls at start and finish plus long/short course choice. All other controls will be marked with red and white tape, possibly also by flour on the ground.

Maps will be A4, 1:5000 scale. Paper will not be waterproof so please bring a polypocket / similar if wet.

Courses are as follows (distances are straight line):

  • Long (5km)
  • Short (3km)

When you have finished, please remember to download at the finish so we know you are back and don't end up sending out a search party for you. Results will be posted to the website when ready - this may not be on Wednesday evening though! You can view the Munro League for Sprintelopes here.


Sign up to Grange Sprintelope #19

You can request a hire dibber and extra maps when entering.

Start times are between 6:30 and 7:30pm, and are unallocated. Please don't all turn up right at the end!


  • Senior £4 (SOA / BOF Member) / £6 (Non-member)
  • Student £2 / £3
  • Junior £2 / £3
  • Extra maps for shadowing / pairs / groups / families - £1 each


As typical for an urban environment, there are of course risks from dogs, dog mess, bikes, litter / broken glass, uneven surfaces and trip hazards such as steps.

Obviously, wear appropriate footwear with decent grip for non-paved surfaces you may choose to encounter along the courses, and wear appropriate clothing for the conditions (including rain gear / sun protection if necessary).

Be mindful and considerate of other people and dogs that may be encountered around courses.

In extreme weather conditions, the event will be cancelled and participants notified via email / Twitter.

A first aid kit will be located at the Assembly point.

Competitors with existing high risk medical conditions will be asked in the event final details to notify the organisers of relevant information. This will be kept confidentially.

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