Apr 28, 2021

South Edinburgh Sprintelope Results - Wednesday 28th April 2021

Results from the first Sprintelope of the 2021 season, in South Edinburgh ...

... and they're off! It was a welcome return to near normality tonight at the first Sprintelope of the 2021 season, courtesy of the Ward family, assisted by the Mowbrays. Start and finish were just outside the Wards house in Cobden Road, and long and short courses headed off up the hill into the maze of Pollock Halls. The long course at least made it as far as St Leonards before turning back south again.  Attention to the map was needed at all times as there were some tricky route choices for many of the legs.

Results can be found here.

Comments from the organiser

We hope everyone enjoyed the first Sprintelope of the season.  Thanks for coming along.  Apologies to the very last starters who the wardens tried to lock in Pollock!  We look forward to seeing you at next Wednesday’s Sprintelope in Prestonpans and there is still just enough time to enter the Interlopers event on Saturday 8th May at Dechmont Law, Livingston .

Megan, Claire, Ray, Laurence, Freya, Lucy, Eilidh and Bertie.

P.S. The result recording method was somewhat ‘manual’.  If you think your time is out significantly we are happy to reassess the handwriting of the timekeepers.




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