Jan 27, 2024

Winterlopes are here for 2024

Winterlopes are here for 2024 ... read on!

It's cold, it's dark, it must be Winterlope time!

Interlopers is planning another series of Maprun-based Night-O courses this year, complementing EUOC's Fight with the Night.  Each Winterlope will have Short and Long courses to do on a self-serve basis, Mon-Sunday on non-FWTN weeks after dark.

They can be done either just as training or for a bit of light competition, if you log your time on the Maprun site (manual entry is available if you don’t take a smartphone / suitable GPS watch round the course). The league results will be available on the Munroleagues website.

Course .pdfs will be put up on the event page on the website to download from the Monday of the relevant week (or you can use a smartphone to view via the Maprun6 app). They will also be available on the SOA webpage []

More info here on smartphone orienteering including links to the Maprun6 app - - or contact Katherine (  There are lots of courses already set up with pdfs available on the SOA page – great for orienteering practice (whether or not you want to use Maprun).




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